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Embrace the change with Relative Insight


Relative Insight's technology is born from over a decade of linguistic research, initially developed for law enforcement. Refined into a powerful tool for commercial use, we offer Survey Vendors unrivaled text data analysis and interpretation capability.

Answering the call for advanced analytics

Our platform employs sophisticated linguistic algorithms to delve into the subtleties of language, turning qualitative responses into quantifiable insights. This reveals underlying themes, sentiments, and psychological drivers within survey data.

Rapid deployment, immediate impact

Relative Insight ensures a seamless and swift integration process, allowing Survey Vendors to quickly respond to customer demands. This rapid deployment enhances their platform's value proposition with minimal downtime.

Proven ROI and

Adopting Relative Insight represents a sound investment, providing superior ROI compared to developing similar capabilities in-house. Our platform's reliability and performance ensure long-term value for Survey Vendors.

Elevate your offering 

The message from the market is clear: advanced text analytics is no longer a nice-to-have but a must-have for Survey Vendors. By partnering with Relative Insight, you'll position your platform at the forefront of the industry, meeting and surpassing customer expectations.

This is more than an upgrade to your capabilities — the strategic move ensures your leadership in an increasingly data-driven world.

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Redefine survey analytics

Join forces with Relative Insight and transform the way survey data is analyzed and leveraged for decision-making. Let's navigate the evolving survey software market together, delivering unparalleled value to your customers and securing your competitive advantage.

Contact us today to explore how Relative Insight can revolutionize your survey platform.

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